June 27, 2011

Busy summer weeks!

It is hot. Like, really hot. Like I have seen 3 digits in my car hot. So, we are trying to stay busy with some fun, indoor activities. The boys and I had a very busy, and fun week. We were on the go so much and took advantage of Aunt Haley being on summer break!
 Haley and I took the boys to Jumping Beans and the twins were in heaven! We have gone several times before, but they really could not do much without help. This time they were on the go!! Climbing, sliding, jumping all by themselves! It was great!!
 We had a to have a snack break too, of course!
 Jumping Beans has a coffee bar, and wireless internet! I never could understand how moms could go there and sit at a table, drink coffee, and play on the computer. Now I am seeing the light!!!!
 Aidan started a summer gymnastics class this week. This was our first class at The Little Gym and I am super impressed! Haley actually works there teaching classes and birthday parties. Aidan and the twins are signed up or a class all summer and we are so excited to have a new activity!

 James and I took the boys fishing on Sunday. Aidan has been begging to go fishing for weeks. So, we loaded the poles, bait, stroller, and boys into the car...did I mention it was 135 degrees?
 This is basically how it went.....
 James caught fish...and the rest of us just watching while sweating profusely. Aidan wanted nothing to do with fishing once we got there. The twins just kept throwing their sun glasses and juice boxes, and all I could think about was laying in the kids baby pool in the driveway. It was hot!
 So after a few fish, we headed home. I think we at least got it out of Aidan's system for a while.
 We spent the rest of the weekend in the driveway riding bikes, eating Popsicles, and cheese sandwiches, and playing in the pool. It was great!

I love summer days! Popsicles before lunch! 

 The twins had their first little gym class this week too! It is the perfect activity to wear these boys out for a good nap! They are crazy, so I was not surprised at all how much fun they had!

 Haley and I also braved lunch at a Mexican Restaurant with all 3 boys. It was not a total disaster......
 At nap time Aidan and I super glued his train tracks to the train table. Our table has been put away for about a year or so. The twins are just too young and destructive and so it was really fun to get it all back out again!

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Jenn said...

I've been taking my son to the Little Gym here since he was 4 months old. We both love it so much - I'm so glad you and your boys had a great experience there also!