March 21, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Aidan enjoying his new breakfast menu. He is now eating just about everything. He loves eggs, waffles, and pancakes for breakfast. Grilled cheese, fruit, and a veggie for lunch. And for dinner, whatever we are eating. He loves green beans! Actually there is nothing he doesn't like. He has yet to turn down any type of food! He also loves to eat, and eat, and eat. He eats the same servings that I do.

He also is clapping, doing the Indian, and saying Quack. This started when Nicole was in town. I was giving him a bath and we were playing with the duck. I was saying "quack, quack, quack". All of a sudden Aidan lets out a "quack". Now he "quacks" all the time. He also says "da, da". No "mama" yet. He laughs when I try to get him to say it.

Anther milestone we had this month was Aidan standing up in his crib. I walked into his rooms one morning after I head him playing. Usually int he mornings we will let him play in his crib with his toys until he starts fussing. Well this particular morning, he wasn't making alot of noise, so I went to check on him. I walked in and found him standing up! The little fart!

Caught! Time to lower the crib!!

He just learned how to walk with his toy. He will go back and forth across the living room until he runs into something. They he starts making noises to get my attention, for me to turn him back around!

Last week I started watching another baby about 20-30 hours a week. Her name is Brooke and she is about 3 months younger than Aidan. They play so well together! She is a sweet girl. It has worked out great so far. I am able to bring in a little income, Aidan has a friend, and I am home with him!

Valentines Day morning!

We went to playgroup with some of Aidan's friend. All the babies were dressed in red and were extra sweet!

Aidan was very protective of his new girlfriend Brooke.

Aidan and Peyton agreed to share her. :)

Aidan also shared his treats with his mom.

The newest thing, kissing himself in the mirror!

Taking a picture to send to daddy in a Happy Valentines E-Card.

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