March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We were lucky to have beautiful weather for my mom's group's family Easter Egg Hunt. Since taking the group over last fall, we have had several successful family events. The Easter Egg Hunt was held at Pullen Park in Raleigh. It was the perfect location for lunch and the egg hunt. Haley dressed up as the Easter Bunny and played the part well. She received TONS of complements and was so good with the kids. Each age group had their own hunt, so even our babies were able to participate. Here Aidan is finding his egg's. (Warning, I was a little camera happy as I am borrowing my mother in laws AWESOME camera. This pictures are beautiful!)

My favorite!

No this one is....

Haley hiding the eggs. She made me laugh so much with her body language. Look how she is standing. So Haley....

Hmmm, I wonder who his dad is.

Aidan decided he wanted to stand all by himself. This is new! We could not believe how long he stood there. I think he forgot that no one was helping him once he had the egg's in his hand.

Let's see if I can grab another one!

Needed a little help with this tree.

Aidan visiting the bunny.

Aidan and his friends with the bunny

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