March 21, 2008

January 2008

We took Aidan to the Museum of History in Raleigh. We had a great time showing him the fish and different animals. He is starting to pull himself up on tables, chairs, and couches. He loves to stand and knows how to arch his back, to keep us from sitting him down. I also think he has a few hairs on the head. It might just be a shadow, but I have hope. He has a mouth full of teeth, working on number 7.

Nichole and Adam came to visit us in January. We had a great weekend. Haley babysat so we could go out for a night. After all of Nichole's efforts, I am happy to report he is still a Georgia fan.

Here she is trying to brainwash Aidan into an Auburn fan!

Aidan loves to ride his "bike". He only knows how to go backward. :)

Adam hanging out with the little man.

Aidan's new play-area. No more toys all over the apartment.

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