March 22, 2008

Aidan's First Birthday Celebrations!!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He is one!!! Wow, that is crazy to say. What a great year. It is hard to believe how much he has grown and changed since he was born, a year ago. So far I have loved every age, it just gets better and better.

Playing basketball with daddy.
Standing like a big boy!
Aidan's birthday morning, before daddy went to work!

Aidan at his birthday playgroup, the first celebration. We had 15 babies there from our group, that came to celebrate with him. We went to the park and played and finished the day off with cupcakes!
Are all thoses for me?
He didn't know what to think when everyone was singing to him.
James parents and sister Julie came into town that weekend for Aidan's family birthday party. On Friday James took a half day and we took Aidan for his first trip to Hooters.
'Sorry, I only date Hooter's Girls"
The princes throne.
Meredith, Marshal, and Peyton came to celebrate too!
Playing with wheels again...
Still playing with the wheels....
Getting ready to eat. James grilled and I made a few sides to go with it.

He found some new wheels.
Starting to look like mom at all? All anyone sees is James, but mostly Corey.
Aidan's first birthday cake. When I ordered it I told them to do something special for a boy's first birthday. They said sure, we do them all the time. This is what I got....
Time for presents. Glow worm from mommy and daddy. (Just like his dad)

He got a puzzle and bath book from Aunt Julie, Uncle Brian, Lauren, and Daniel. Aunt List sent him a cool ball toy that he can actually get into and some bubbles. Nanni and Papa got him a walking lawn mower and a bath toy. Grammy and Papa got him a wagon and some clothes. Aunt Haley painted him a sign for his door that is so neat! His uncles gave him money for his piggy bank, a cup with his name on it, and cheerios. He also got a fisher price farm from mommy and daddy. Thanks to Aunt Diane for his rocking angel fish! What a great birthday!

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