October 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

80's! 80s in October!?! That was our weather here in Raleigh this past weekend. AND, the high today and tomorrow is 88!!!! What's going on? Time to pull out what's left of our shorts and t-shirts for the boys.  Not fair, I love little boy's butts in jeans, and the cuteness of layers! Looks like the twins might not get much use of theses adorable little Halloween shirts I got them.
Landon and Grayson are checking out some animals at Hillridge farm. We took the boys this weekend to the pumpkin patch, and had a wonderful time. We came home with 3 very tired little boys and three little pumkins. We went with friends and ran into others there. This is the third year we have gone, and they have added so much, including full service.............bathrooms? Not sure what was there before?
The little boys are walking so much these days. I got Landon out of the stroller for a few minutes to test out his new shoes. He was really confused and could not quite understand the added weight on his feet. Neither of them had ever walked outside, so it was so funny to watch them focusing so much on the silly things on their feet. After they got the hang of it, they walked around for a few minutes and then back into the stroller they went.
Daddy and Aidan went down the big slide and you can tell, they both liked it. From the looks below it is hard to tell who had more fun, Aidan or daddy.
There is so much to do at this pumkin patch. They have a corn pit, hay jump, chickens, goats, a rabbit house, train ride, jump house, hay maze, and the hayride! We were on a time limit because we came at nap time, first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds. We timed it right and left with three smiling little boys.

It is hard to believe the twins were only a month old when we visited last year. It is amazing how fast time goes by.

The look of pure joy on Aidan's face. Love it!

                                                                 Aidan and Grayson.

                                                                     Landon and Aidan.
The Brogdon and Seaman twins.
                                                            Grayson picking his pumpkin.

The Brogdon boys.
                                                              Nat, Aidan, and Mitch.
Twin mamas! So thankful to have her in my life!!!
I can't stop laughing at these two and their poses.
            Landon, "Which one do I get??" ----  Grayson showing off his standing skills!
Three tired little boys after a great time at the pumpkin patch!
On a side note, I recently found out my dear friend, college roommate, and pledge sister, is pregnant.....with TWINS!!!! Congrats Lindsay and Justin! Out of my 4 best friends from college, Lindsay is number three expecting twins! It is so amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, those pumpkin days of Fall. Lovin' the pictures and remembering all the work that went into such family outings. The little boys are so handsome--all three! This time will pass so quickly, so keep a sense of humor, enjoy the quiet moments when they occur, and keep the parenting enthusiasm and joy in your heart.