October 21, 2010

Tennessee (Part 2)

While we were in Tennessee, we made a day trip to Chattanooga. I had never been, and though it was such a cute city. I would imagine it is a great place to raise a family with all there is to do with the kids. We were there just long enough to go into a couple shops, eat lunch, and play in the park. I hope next year we are able to spend more time there, and maybe do the children's museum or aquarium!

 The leaves were so beautiful!

 Love this little face! Look at those lips.

 Such a great big brother helping Grayson walk!
 True Story:
James, Aidan and I went for a ride in the Rhino. (Picture a jacked up golf cart). Well, we made a couple drinks, the babies were with nanni and Papa, so we headed out to the "hill" to watch the sunset. Once we got to our spot, Aidan and I climbed into the back, which is like the bed of a truck. It was so beautiful, and relaxing. I was enjoying my Sea breeze and boys. A few minutes after we got settled, James was checking on the Rhino and found a little lever. He says "I wonder what this does", before he decides to find out, and pull it. Instantly Aidan and I fall fly out of the bed, and land flat on our butts, covered in my drink. 
Sweet little Aidan took my cup, and headed toward to house to get me another drink.
 What a view. (Yes, I am talking about the mountains!)
 The boys were able to meet Uncle Greg and Laura! It was great to see our Tennessee family!

 My little peanut allergic baby playing with a walnut....
 ...and his brother doing the same.

 (This is the Rhino bed- just for your imagine!)

At lunch in Chattanooga. Priceless!
We had a wonderful trip, and already planning for next year! James and I have big plans which include tubbing down a river, with a cooler of beer, maybe a night out for dinner in Chatonagga, and more fishing, riding tractors, walks, playing the creek and more county fun!

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