November 5, 2009

What a good big brother

These boys will be best friends and I can't wait! Aidan just loves holding, kissing, hugging, rubbing, patting, and talking to his baby brothers. He is so gentle and always aware of where his brothers are and what they are doing. If one starts to cry he will ask them "what's wrong"?

Grayson looks like a Bubac to me. Look at that face!!

We recently moved the crib into our room for the boys to sleep in. They are now 10.6 lbs each and had reached the weight limit of the pack n play bassinet. We are not ready for them to be in their room yet because they are still very unpredictable, and honestly we dont want them to wake Aidan, and then we would have 3 little boys to put back to sleep at 3am. So...for now they will stay in our room.

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