November 2, 2009

HAPPY Halloween!

Every couple years the big Georgia vs Florida game falls on Halloween. Well, this was the year. Our annual Halloween party was on Halloween during the game, so our wonderful friends the McCoys let us come over early so James could be there for kick off. The game was not pretty, but I have to admit I hardly watch it. I was too busy tending to my hungry babies and two year old who refused to nap. Yes, no nap on Halloween night and a full moon. You can ONLY imagine! :)

I snuck in on Aidan and Davin having a sweet moment. Talking about football I am sure. :)

The group shot. We celebrated Halloween with 20 of our closest 2 year old friends and many new brothers and sisters!

I managed to get one baby, Landon, dressed in his costume. Aidan was so great and held him for about 5 minutes!

Getting everyone lined up for Trick or Treating!!

This is the way to do it....

What a difference a year makes!!
Brogdon's family of 3, Halloween 2008

Brogdon's Family of 5, Halloween 2009

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