December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We have been really busy this month. I turned 25, ugh!! Half-way to 50.... I have been busy Christmas shopping and decorating our apartment. James has been working hard, and way overdue for some time off. Aidan is getting so big and very mobile these days. He like to do the army crawl, but has no interest in getting on all fours. He is working on tooth #6, no #7, maybe 8....I can't even keep up because they are coming in so fast. He is such a mamma's boy! But I have to admit he lights up when his daddy gets home. Now that he is all over the place, I am determined to lose the rest of the dreaded baby weight. He is giving me a workout everyday! Enjoy the new pictures! We hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Aidan's first time meeting the buy guy. He was not too happy about it. Santa looks kind of sad too!

Aidan is all smiles after daddy saved him from that scary man!

This is Aidan's BEST friend, Peyton. Do you remember him? We are getting so big!

Somehow he got himself under his activity table. Looks can be deceiving!

Aidan eating turkey at Peyton's. The dad's decided to celebrate Thanksgiving again and fried a turkey on December 1st.

Take 2....

Aidan had no idea. Santa came to the Christmas party for my mom's group. He was great!

James put Aidan in his exersaucer backwards. Then Aidan passed out!

Our sweet boy. He is afraid of the tree, so I had to back him into this position. Grammy bought this outfit last year for him. It is amazing it fits!

Aidan making friends with Grammy and Ike's Christmas tree. For some reason he isn't scared of theirs.

Helping put ornaments on the tree.

Trying to get a family picture....

Playing with Ike.

Not to sure about the tree now...

Aidan helping decorate the tree with his mom.

Our Christmas card picture.

Aidan and his new big boy bath tub. He loves to play in the bath!

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