December 18, 2007

Our Georgia Christmas

This year Christmas was extra special because it was our first Christmas with Aidan. We are so blessed to have such a sweet, healthy baby boy. It was so much fun to spoil him with presents (way to much) and watch him unwrapping them! James also got a very special Christmas present, a job offer with a great company called Red Hat. His start date was not until the beginning of January, so he had a nice two week vacation from work just in time for Christmas. We also had a surprise for his parents. They didn't know that he was offered the job, a little white lie. I shared to bad news, that we would not be able to come to Georgia after all, that he had to work. Well, we were really packing and heading south. The night before we were to leave we found out that there were not even in Savannah, but in Brunswick, Georgia for the Brogdon family Christmas. This was great because we also got to surprise grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins!! So after hours of holiday traffic (9 to be exact) we got to Brunswick, Georgia!

This is Aidan in his car seat when we were just about there!

He needed a nap after all of the excitement!

Aidan with his second cousin Emily and their great-grandparents!

The Brogdon Boys, 4 Generations!

What are you looking at? My big....bald....head?

Yea, that is funny. I know.

Aidan with all of his cousins.

Daddy time before bed.

Nanni gave Aidan some toys that were James' when he was a baby. Aidan loved dropping the blocks in the container and taking them out again.

Aidan posing in front of the presents. Christmas outfit number 1.

Admiring the candy cane, outfit #2.

The cousins feeding Aidan. He loved playing with them so much!

James played the role of Santa. Everyone wanted to sit on Santa's lap.

Opening presents from Nanni and Papa. He loves the DVD set of the original Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming to town, Frosty....So did mom. They are the same Christmas movies we used to watch!

Roxy taking a break from all the madness!

Aidan was ready for a break too!

Time to open some more!

The weather was beautiful. We were able to go for a walk on the dock and look at all the boats.

Our new boat, Sunny Days....Just kidding, I wish. One day.....

Aidan's first time to Chucky Cheese!!

I can do it by myself dad!!

I am this tall.

Aunt Lisa teaching me the Indian.

We also took the boat out and saw some dolphins.


Another one...

A night on the town, child free. Starting the night off right! :)

Two of James friends came up from Jacksonville, Ryan and Brandon.

I was able to hang out with some college friends too.

Brandon was a natural with Aidan.

So was Ryan. The guys had a great time together!

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