November 19, 2010

Preschool Halloween Events

Aidan's preschool has a Halloween Costume Parade each year where all the kids get to walk around the building and show all the parents their costumes. After the parade they have a fall festival during school. It is a fun day full of pumpkin picking in the pumpkin patch, hay rides pulled by a tractor (that was Aidan's favorite park), bean bag toss games, and more outside fun. This year we had all the little kids there to watch the parade with the parents. It is hard to believe next year they will be participating as two year olds!

Aidan's class had a Halloween party the same week of preschool. I volunteered to come in and help with the party. It as so fun to get in there and see him in his element. It wasn't fun that my child had to have a meltdown though because his mom was there. His teachers assured me that all the kids act up when their parent is present, but is kind of embarrassing when you can't control your 3 year old. We are working on it though.

{I really think the term "Terrible Twos" should be changed to "Terrible Threes". Just sayin'}

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Stephanie said...

I hear ya on the terrible three's. I'd take the two's over them any day!