September 8, 2010


I actually think my math was off a little, I believe the true number is closer to 10,000.

So, did you guess??

Well....10,000 is the number....

of these:

we went through in the past year!

{Computer crashed. Like really, crashed. So now, we are back in business!}

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Julie said...

I've never posted but came across your blog when Landon had his surgery. I love seeing your boys - I have 3 myself (a 5 year old and twins who are 2 and a half!).

And I hear you on the diapers!! I just told my husband this weekend that I won't miss spending $20 a box on diapers!!! Bring on potty training!

Isn't life great with 3 boys? Oh - and I love the names you've picked! My oldest son is named Landon, and the twins are Austin and Aiden!

Happy Day!