July 18, 2008

May - June 2008

Well I guess I do not have as much free time as I used to, as I have not updated the blog in a long time. I am going to try really hard to update at least every two weeks! Aidan is getting so big. He was 16 months on July 4th. He is really starting to change in the face and looking more like a little boy. He also is finally getting some hair! Not much, and it is very blond, but hey, better than being bald! He likes to "pet" other people's hair. I think it is because we have taught him to pet Roxy. :) We are enjoying the summer and trying to make it to the pool often. But, we have been very busy.... :)

Aidan and Brooke watching Barney in the apartment.

One of Aidan's favorite things....BALLS!

Nap time. He likes to go to sleep on the floor after I rock him for a while. He is getting so long that he sometimes can't get comfortable in the rocking chair. So, we let him pass out on the floor and move him to his crib.

Aidan loves to talk on the phone to daddy. Whenever I say "hello" he puts the phone to his ear, my ear, and as of this morning, Roxy's ear. If he doesn't have the phone he uses the next best thing, the remote control.

For father's Day I sent James off with his best friend for life (:)) Marshal to have a guys days of golf and beer. They didn't know that the wives had planned their day, and we very excited to have quality "men" time. After they played golf, they went to Hooters to watch the US Open. Aidan and I celebrated fathers day with Grammy and Papa (or Ike as he prefers). The kids chipped in and got dad a Wii for father's day....

Don't make any sudden moves old man, you are 50!

My musician playing a song for his mama.

Aidan and Peyton having their "men" time.

James' cousin Murphey and Aunt Karen were in Burlington (about an hour from us) for Murphey's softball game. We were able to go see her play. Aidan had a good time playing under a shaded tree and trying to walk....

Beach time again!! We spent a long memorial day weekend at the beach. James took of from work on Friday so we were able to stay for 4 days. Mom, dad, Corey, Timmy, and Haley

joined us on Saturday.
Corey playing with Aidan.

Hanging out with mom before bed time.

Uncle Corey, will you rock me??

Truck time. Corey is trying to teach Aidan the parts of the truck.

Our friends joined us on Saturday. The babies had a great time playing in the sand. Last September we all took a beach trip together and the babies were only 6 and 3 months old. This year they were old enough to play in the sand and water!

Meredith with Aidan and Peyton.

Nap time on the beach. He always sleeps so well outside.

The whole group (minus Timmy, Haley, and Natisha).

The girls....

Timmy buried himself.

Maybe Haley knows the trick to teach him to walk....

Hmmm....that is alot of water!

Aidan sleeping in his tent. This will be the last year for this. He is getting too big!

Aidan sleeping in his tent on the same beach when he was only 6 weeks old!!!

Corey showing Aidan his motorcycle. I don't think he is ready for a ride yet....

Check out those wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying family time on the beach.

Aidan and Peyton playing at Peyton's house. Aidan decided he would eat Peyton's lunch...

Kissy face....

Papa and Grandma came to visit the beginning of June. We had a great time. Aidan loves when Great Papa and Great Grandma hold him. He loves when they rock him on the front porch!

Sitting out back watching the boys hit golf balls.

And mom too....

We love to hang out outside!

Aidan and I met James for lunch one day. We met at Pullen Park where we had taken Aidan when he was only a few months old. He there are standing next to the Andy Griffith statue.

Standing in the same place a year ago.

Aidan and mommy at the park....

Only 2 months old....

We love to swim at mom and dad's pool. They have a great baby area and the big pool is huge.

Ok maybe if he won't walk, he will swim.

How big is Aidan....Sooo big!

Mom gave me this toy box to hide some of Aidan's toys in. Well, it only took a couple of weeks and my little monkey learned how to....

Caught.....you are in BIG trouble!!!

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